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What TV shows are you into?

I watch a lot of TV, maybe a little too much. There are a lot of TV shows that I am into. From ones airing now, to ones long since done or cancelled. Some of my favorites include; Breaking Bad, The Office, Mr. Robot, Shameless, Community, Flight of the Conchords, The Blacklist, South Park, and many more.


What are some, or all of your favorite TV shows?

I don't think I have an absolute favorite TV show, but I have liked and watched several in the past, including their re-runs.  Let's see off the top of my head right now:

For crime, I've watched Law and Order (SVU), and the recent Chicago PD, and older ones like Matlock, etc.

For Sci-fiction, I loved watching Star Trek (Voyager), which was really popular in the 90's, especially when Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) joined the cast.  I also watched The Walking Dead, especially the early years, but then I kind of slowly gave up on it, because I didn't really see an "endpoint" like where the show was really going.  As an extension of Sci-fi, surprisingly, I've not spent any real time with the recent explosion of comics TV shows, despite my interest in comics.  I think I tend to favor Movie comics over TV comics, because of the superb theatrical capabilities of producing a movie comic.

I've been watching lately a business show, for entrepreneurs, called Shark Tank, which helps with real life business situations.

For sitcoms, this is a tough one, because not one show had any real impact on me, but I always catch myself watching some re-run of Gilligan's Island or some comical show like that.



HIGHLY recommed Nurse Jackie, it's on Netflix right now. Also, The End of the F***** World, it's on Netflix too.. fun quirky show that I found myself enjoying oddly. I tried to get into some of the new Netflic shows but they were just dull to me.

Trailer Park Boys is a great one too on Netflix, especially their earlier episodes pre-2013. Might not be your cup of tea as far as humor goes, but I thought it was hilarious and I loved all of the characters.

Mr. Robot is probably my favorite series out of all the ones I have watched. I also enjoyed Breaking Bad as well. Lately, I have been more into animated series like Rick and Morty and Archer. I think Archer is probably my favorite animated series outside of anime and I can't wait for season 11 in September.

I like cooking and home improvement shows as I have interest in these kinds of shows. Masterchef Australia is my favorite show and it is my local show always love to watch local cuisine on TV.