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What should I grow

I'm probably a bit late to the party, since summer here is nearly done, but I would like to start a small garden. What would you suggest I grow? I'm already planning on growing tomatoes, and other veggies. What other types of plants should I try to grow? I may try to make a greenhouse so I can grow in the winter seasons as well.

I would grow herbs. It might not be too late to plant beans if your area is warm. I love cucumbers, and I think some of them might do okay right now as well. I think squash would maybe do okay too.

My favorite herbs to grow:


Thai Basil



Parsley (curly and Italian flat leaf)

Mint (but make sure to plant this one in a pot, not in the ground because it spreads like crazy!)

You can grow what ever you wants but have herbs and vegetable will give more benefits as it is easy to maintain and you will use them in your cooking. I have many plants in my garden and I grow up almost 70% my vegetable needs from my garden.