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Sports in Schools - When will it return?

I was just thinking, I wonder when sports will resume in schools, I mean some schools aren't even meeting in person in the school.

What is happening to the college students on sports scholarships or worse, the kids that were going to get into college on a sports scholarship but now there are no sports to play? I wonder what will happen to these kids.

I guess they will face same fate as others professional as it's very hard for most of world at the moment. In my country, New Zealand we have regular life back again from May 2020 as we eliminate the virus and we have everything up and running at school. But I'm sure students life is very hard as they don't have any option to play sports. I heard some of the country started sports with testing and maintaining social distancing.

It is too early for me to have sports in Schools as it may lead towards bigger problems because COVID is spreading faster then before and it is risky for kids too. I hope it will not return soon.