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Introduce Yourself


I'm a healthcare professional by training and work, but I also have many interests and hobbies, including the Internet, business, and Theological discourse.  Make an introduction, and tell us a little bit about yourself.





I'm Jameson from New Zealand and I'm Full stack web developer working with leading IT company in NZ who look after NZ's leading DHB to provide solution for their needs. I had working experience in retail as I studied in Business but one day something happened which changed my life and I focus on Web development without any knowledge of IT 8 years back.

My name is Deb. I am a writer and amateur artist. I work for a publishing company and do work on the side with my own interests in mind such as run blogs, forums, and so on. I like spending time online more than being out int he real world anymore.

Hello friends

My name is Jack and I'm a manager in multinational company which works in retail industry. I love to read books when I have free time and I prefer to read about foods, travel and sports related information. I'm also very active on social media platforms.