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Have you traced back to your ancestors?

One thing I really want to do soon, is invest in those DNA tests where they can tell you more about your history, and I think some even help you find living relatives. I want to try it for both reasons. I'd love to see if I have family out there, and I would love to know if anyone in my family had a successful career or history in general.

My mom and I did 23andme and found out we had many relatives, although they are mostly 3rd, 4th, and distant cousins... still REALLY cool and then you can take your 23andme data and plug it into other websites and find out some of your medical info... it's worth it in my opinion. Honestly I would not get the health trait thing on 23andme, it's not worth it, just tells you kinda useless stuff which isn't even 100% accurate. You are better off just getting the basic one. It even tells you what percentage of Neanderthal you are!

I know enough about my heritage and family history to not need to take a test. I guess I am lucky in that. I don't know anyone else who can say they know as much about their family as I do. My family immigrated to the US from Italy (on both sides) in the 1920's and 1930's.

I might try one of these tests one day.  It would be interesting to see the various branches of distant relatives. 🙂



I never done because it's not my business to do it but after reading things here I might not to test and find about my ancestors, hopefully I will have some new information.